Posters for UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Dutch House of Parliament
Binnenhof, Lange Poten 4, The Hague NL
15 november - 20 december 2018

17FOR17 is a project of 51 posters reminding us of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (Paris 2015) in a visual and remarkable way. Among them are for instance: zero hunger, no poverty, gender equality, quality education and climate change.

Chora Connection, a Non-Profit from Denmark, initiated the project in 2016 by inviting 17 well known Danish Designers, to each design a poster for one of the UN 17 goals. The public exhibition of the 17 posters proved to be huge success.

Based on this success Chora Connection asked the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) – the worldwide organization of the most talented graphic designers on the globe – to collaborate with this initiative. 17 designers respectively from France and The Netherlands were invited to do the same. The current result – 51 excellent poster designs – creatively point out the 17 global challenges to create a better world. The designers, each of them acknowledged as outstandingly talented in their profession, have all contributed to the collection out of goodwill.

The 51 posters are now in The Netherlands and will be exhibited from November 13th, 2018 until December 20th, 2018 in the Dutch House of Parliament.
A visit of the 17FOR17 exhibition also offers you the opportunity to see the Binnenhof in all its historical splendor before it will be closed down for an extensive renovation

Anthon Beeke (11 march 1940 - 25 september 2018)

In 1976 Beeke joined Total Design in Amsterdam and worked on advertisements, magazines, books, postage stamps and packaging materials. In 1981 Beeke founded Studio Anthon Beeke in Amsterdam. He developed among others signaling systems, poster campaigns, exhibitions, books for various companies, institutions and museums. Beeke received various prestigious prizes and awards.

After a difficult childhood Anthon Beeke decided to become an artist and to look for life, for freedom. Furiously he threw open all windows. Kindly provoked existing traditions. Many confrontations followed, but it was Anthon's natural charm and quality that always saved him.
He was a pure and strongly connected to the emotions of his time. He could express it like no other. He knew how to touch visually his audience on the street. Simultaneously brutal and poetic. He was the master.

The most impressive aspect of Anthon was his ability to live in the now. That had always his attention, his creative mind. What has been is gone and tomorrow is still remote. He ‘d always let go of yesterday’s hassle. Old quarrels, disappointed women, missed appointments and deadlines. Often he was inconvenient and awkward, always too late, but everything was solved by his grotesque natural charm.

He was the core artist who was only interested in the moment of creation itself. And yet he still liked to be the birthday boy and the center of his own celebrity at openings, receptions and parties. But the next day he had already forgotten it and was that typical Amsterdam kid again.

Together with his friends, he travelled, wandered and messed around. Looked, felt, smelled, listened, got lost, found something somewhere or anything at all. Images, street scenes, tasty sausages, girls everywhere, dogs, shop windows, manhole covers, gliding and driving, everything ... there was no other with such a great intelligent sensory as Anthon.

He taught us to look very precisely, to organize visual information, to get to the essence of a graphic image. The hierarchy in an image and the impact of a design had to be clear within two seconds, otherwise the entire design was worth nothing. He could switch and change endlessly hundreds of slides, never quickly satisfied, with his tongue out of the mouth. Like a seven-year-old boy.

Last year he went to his last AGI congress in Paris with René Knip. The congress was too hectic and a little too much for him. They spent some time strolling through Paris and the Center Pompidou. At the retrospective of David Hockney, Anthon told René that he was not a fan of him, yet he spent hours looking at his work and was pretty impressed: ‘Jeeeesus, what great work that man has made!’

Anchoring in the now has helped him to cope with life in the 9 years after the stroke. He kept moving on, falling in love, being amazed and getting angry, he kept on looking and shooting photographs. living passionately. He went on journeys with Li Edelkoort, with Sacha Happée, with René, with others. Count your blessings – one of his most beautiful posters with his own mother as protagonist – was one of his very strong senses.

In the mid 70s the work of Anthon and his partner Swip Stolk was frivolous, uninhibited, colorful, attractive and daring. It opened the door to a free, playful way of design. They were the vanguard of the exuberance where the profession would end up in and gave the profession a different and broader perspective.
Anthon is wild, young and brash: the rebel without – and with – a cause of Dutch graphic design. He exerts a great attraction with his love, passion and an impulsive rash of civil disobedience. Punk avant la lettre.

All of his work later have this disobedience in an intelligent and subtle way. Sometimes it provokes quietly. Sometimes it shouts out loud.
He is the link between reasoning and impulsivity. These are two properties that can seriously interfere with each other.
Reasoning strengthens the content, but weakens the form. Impulsivity strengthens the intention, but weakens the thoughtfulness. Maneuvering between these two, creates space for improvisation and inventiveness in which you must play your own game. Always give the best and play your own game. At any time. Even if you feel bad, hung over or sick. It is the only way to distinguish.

In 2009 he had the stroke that changed his beautiful life. He would never be the same Anthon again. He recovered slowly with the help and care of his beloved Li and Sacha. Over the years that followed Anthon got again involved with his friends, social life and work. And his life became sort of beautiful again.

All of us have been touched by his presence, love, admiration or opinion. The memory of Anthon, as a friend, a lover, a father, a brother, as a good soul, will always make us smile.

René Knip and Max Kisman

AGI NL presents

12:00 - 4:00 p.m. in the auditorium of the Stedelijk Museum
4:00 - 5.00 p.m. viewing of "Using Type" with Philipe Apeloig

Preliminary program

12 -1.45 pm 
HUDA ABIFARÈS The Khatt Foundation
Typographic Design as Agent for Cultural Diplomacy
PIERRE-YVES CACHARD – unesaisongraphique.fr
Le Havre which loves Graphic Design which loves Le Havre : from addiction to exhibition
ANETTE LENZanettelenz.com
Light Inside Out
EVELYN TERBEKKE and DIRK BEHAGE – terbekke-behage.com
From A to B
PHILIPPE APELOIG – apeloig.com
Remembering Total Design

1.45-2.10 pm

2.10 - 3.30 pm
ERIK ADIGARD – m-a-d.com
Here Come Robots 
PETER BILAK – typotheque.com
Making tools to make work easier
FANETTE MELLIER – fanettemellier.com
Série graphique, connaître et pratiquer le design graphique au collège
JOOST SWARTE – joostswarte.com
The Adventures of an Author in Communication Country

3.30 - 4 pm
Q&A with Thomas van Widdershoven – thonik.nl

The changing client-designer relationship and the changing landscape of graphic design in general.

Registration is required via fhf@agi-nl.nl Subject: Registration France Holland France - AGI NL 31/10
Entrance: museumjaarkaart/museumticket + €10 cash at the auditorium entrance

Confirmed presence of the following AGI members: Alvin Chan, Lex Reitsma, Jacques Koeweiden, Ben Bos, Wim Crouwel (if possible), Peter Bilak, Max Kisman, Nikki Gonnissen, Thomas Widdershoven, Bob van Dijk, René Knip, Ben Faydherbe, Joost Grootens, Wout de Vinger, Hans Wolbers, Gert Dumbar, Richard Niessen, Paul Mijksenaar, Ralph Schraivogel (NL/CH), new members Huda Abifares and Joost Swarte, speakers Dirk Behage, Everlyn Terbekke(F), Erik Adigard (F/USA), Fanette Mellier (F), Pierre-Yves Cachard (F), Anette Lenz (F), Philippe Apeloig (F) and also April Greiman (USA) and Alice Twemlow (USA)

(Program subject to change)

Atelier ter Bekke & Behage: From A to B

Huda Abifares: Typographic Design as Agent for Cultural Diplomacy.

Fanette Mellier: Série graphique, connaître et pratiquer le design graphique au collège, a graphic design kit for teenagers (secondary school).

Erik Adigard: The Robots Are Coming.

Pierre-Yves Cachard: Le Havre which loves Graphic Design which loves Le Havre.
From addiction to exhibition.

Philppe Apeloig: Remembering Total Design. During two pivotal internships at Total Design, Philippe Apeloig made an outpouring of personal drawings and photographs. He will share his awakening as a graphic designer and typographer through these and other recollections of life in Amsterdam in the mid-1980s.

Joost Swarte: The Adventures of an Author in Communication Country.
Do not give what they ask for. Research and give them what you think they need.

Peter Bilak: Making tools to make work easier. In this short talk Peter Bilak will outline the usually invisible aspects of designer’s work that make visible work possible.

Annette Lenz: Light Inside Out


10 - 15:30 hrs
de Balie - Salon, Amsterdam NL


Morning program
10-12 hrs, brief lectures by:
HARRY PEARCE, Pentagram London UK

Afternoon program
14:10-15:30 hrs, Break-out sessions:
In the afternoon, we would like to discuss in three separate break-out sessions aspects that have been of great importance to our members: internationalism, idealism and brandism.
Confirmed presence (so far) of: René Knip, Paul Mijksenaar, Jacques Koeweiden, Alvin Chan, Hans Wolbers, Max Kisman, Richard Niessen, Esther de Vries, Thomas Widdershoven, Rik Bas-Backer, José Albergaria, Harry Pearce, Wout de Vringer, Swip Stolk, Anthon Beeke Ben Bos and the speakers.

Registration required at aginl2015@agi-nl.nl
Entry fee: €10.00
De Salon in the Balie seats 90

Organized by the Dutch chapter of Alliance Graphique Internationale
in collaboration with What Design Can Do

The AGI-NL day is an annual event of the Dutch chapter of Alliance Graphique Internationale to share ideas, knowledge and insights with students and young professionals in the changing area of graphic design and visual communication. AGI was founded in 1951 and still unites the world's leading graphics designers and artists in a professional club of common interest and achievement. Its members have been collectively responsible for the identity design of most of the world's top corporations and institutions as well as for countless examples of globally known packaging, publications, illustration and posters. The AGI provides for friendship, mutual respect and the enjoyment of the company of the like-minded - even reassurance in the face of a sceptical world.

More about AGI www.a-g-i.org

The program might be subject to change.

Studio Joost Grootens: Information graphic on the objects destroyed by the US military in Iraq and Syria

Change is Good: Célébrer La Terre - poster

Harry Pearce: It's all our blood - poster

Niessen en De Vries: Palace Plan - poster

Alejandro Magallanes - poster


Dutch graphic designers of Alliance Graphique International

10.00 - 17.00 HRS

Limited capacity! // maximum 50 seats // registrations by 18 June 2014: 44
Register via AGIdag2014@AGI-NL.nl
Entry: ticket fee of the Museum/Museum Jaarkaart.

The programme* (each part approx. 20 mins):

10 -13 hrs
Max Kisman talks with Jacques Koeweiden over fiction and reality in his photographs
Bob van Dijk talks (o.a.) about Happ9
Lex Reitsma about filming


Guest speaker Gilles de Brock about Internet as poster and/or other projects
Max Kisman about ancestral migration (will drop when program runs out, or after lunch)
Richard van der Laken talks with Paul Mijksenaar about collecting

13 - 14.30 hrs
You need to arrange your own lunch. The Stedelijk has a restaurant, there is more in the proximity.

15 - 17 hrs Meet & Greet

Confirmed presence: Lex Reitsma, Jacques Koeweiden, Richard van der Laken, Paul Mijksenaar, Bob van Dijk, Max Kisman, Wim Crouwel (briefly), Ben Bos, Jan van Toorn, Ben Faydherbe, René Knip, Wout de Vringer, Pepijn Zurburg, Hans Wolbers (late), Nikki Gonissen, Michel de Boer, Alvin Chan

17 hrs Closing

*subject to changes
Register via AGIdag2014@AGI-NL.nl
Ticket: regular museum entrance prize

Massimo Vignelli (1931), a member of AGI since 1965 and the organization’s president from 1985 to 1988, died on Tuesday, May 27, 2014.
Read the tribute to Massimo Vignelli by Micheal Bierut >>


Matthew Carter: My life in typefaces

Pick up a book, magazine or screen, and more than likely you'll come across some typography designed by Matthew Carter. In this charming talk, the man behind typefaces such as Verdana, Georgia and Bell Centennial (designed just for phone books — remember them?), takes us on a spin through a career focused on the very last pixel of each letter of a font.


Dutch graphic designers of Alliance Graphique International

ONLY 22 SEATS LEFT (24/05/2013)

The third day AGI-NL will be hosted in the auditorium of the Groninger Museum, Groningen NL. The program consists of a series of short lectures by AGI members and a Meet & Greet with any other present AGI designers. Prior to the presentations there early for the visitor the option for a tour focused on the architecture of the museum. The auditorium seats 100 people. First come, first served. The day ends with a visit to the museum GR-ID and the exhibition Max Kisman Image Language.

For participation please R.S.V.P. to groningen@agi-nl.nl

Preliminary program:
10:30 hrs
architecture tour
11-13:30 hrs
presentations by * René Knip – architecture en typography, Thomas Widdershoven (Thonik) – Nudity as protest, Richard van der LAken and Pepijn Zurburg (Design Politie) – what design can do for AGI, Lex Reitsma – short movie about graphic artist Typex, Edo Smitshuyzen – 3D typography in digital space, Marte Röling – t.b.a., Jacques Koeweiden – coronation logo, city dressing Amsterdam, Anthon Beeke – about his boek, interviewed by René Knip, mc Max Kisman
13:30-14:30 hrs
break (bring your own sandwiches...)
14:30-16 hrs
meet, greet & ask AGI with AGI designers
René Knip, Nikki Gonnissen, Thomas widdershoven, Lex Reitsma, Marte Röling, Edo Smitshuyzen, Richard van der Laken, Pepijn Zurburg, Max Kisman, Bob van Dijk, Niels Schrader, Jacques Koeweiden, Ben Faydherbe, Jelle van der Toorn-Vrijthof, Anthon Beeke, Hans Wolbers, Alvin Chan
16:30 hrs
Max Kisman Beeld Taal in museum GR-ID

* not nessecarily in this order/subject to change
Register to groningen@agi-nl.nl
Entry regular price museum ticket

26 and 27 September 2013 THE BARBICAN LONDON

Every AGI Open has a theme: this year it’s ‘dialogue’, and it heralds a radical departure from the usual design conference format. Instead of star designers pontificating, lecturing and telling you how great they are, AGI Open offers a series of dialogues that open up the design process.

The theme of ‘dialogue’ reflects a changing world where nearly all communication is two-way. In our newly networked world it is no longer desirable to talk at people: we have to talk with each other. This applies to design conferences as much as it does to commerce.

Early bird £130 (until 30 June)
Full Price £165

Go to website


Who parks his car at Schiphol Parking soon, remembers its location by the redesigned icons of a typical Dutch tulip, windmill and skater by graphic designer Max Kisman. Readers of the "Financieel Dagblad" or "De Volkskrant" recognize the distinctive visual language of the clear line that combines with the play of form and counter shape. Who wants to see the work of Max Kisman, is welcome to the exhibition "Max Kisman Beeld Taal" in GR-ID (formerly Graphic Museum Groningen). More...

JAZZ POSTERS BY NIKLAUS TROXLER | 9/11/2012-15/01/2013

Swiss graphic designer and AGI member Niklaus Troxler has enjoyed international recognition for many years. His work is inseparable from his fascination for jazz music. The North Sea Jazz Club Amsterdam will exhibit his visually rhythmic poster designs for many jazz concerts and the Jazz Festival Willisau, that Troxler runs himself.

Opening Thursday 8 November
18.30 hrs introduction by Max Kisman, lecture by Niklaus Troxler, admission €5, students free
20.00 hrs opening exhibition, admission free
Tickets: northseajazzclub.com

North Sea Jazz Club Amsterdam
Pazzinistraat 1
1014 DB Amsterdam


“The Style of the Stedelijk, designing for a Museum” is a fascinating documentary and book by Lex Reitsma about the search for a new visual identity of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Reitsma started in 2008 to follow director Guys van Tuyl and his staff in the selection of five graphic designers and design studios. We witness the design process with intriguing meetings and interviews, its final choice and ultimately, its tragic plot. The not foreseen delay of the renovation of the Stedelijk Museum itself and the replacement of retiring van Tuyl by new director Anne Goldstein, leads the chosen road into a dead-end.

Book by Frederike Huygen
Designed by Lex Reitsma
160 pp / 190 x 140 mm / paperback with dvd
price € 19.95
ISBN 978 94 6208 019 5

Published bi nai010


The AGI-NL2011 program poster is designed by Jacques Koeweiden and will be handed out at the event. Paper and print are generously sponsored by Amsterdam based Spinhex-Industrie printers.

On Thursday 21 April 2011 the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam will host AGI-NL.2011. Initiated by Dutch members of the Alliance Graphique Internationale this day is to increase aquaintance with the existance, heritage and vision of the AGI. A full day program of presentations, case studies and the Open Stage where dialogue, discussions and sharing ideas and visions initiate mutual inspiration in the broadest sense. More >>

30 March - 3 July
Wim Crouwel. A Graphic Odysee
Design Museum London
"The Design Museum celebrates he prolific career of the Dutch graphic designer Wim Crouwel in this his first UK retrospective." More >>

Geschreven door Ben Bos en ontworpen door Tony Brook
TD 63-73: Total Design and its pioneering role in graphic design is a unique insider’s account of the evolution of Total Design, one of the most important and influential design groups in the history of visual design. More >>

Interview met Joost Grootens in de New York Times over "I Swear I Use No Art At All"!

Vijftig jaar Anthon Beeke, zestig affiches
De Affiche Galerij, Den Haag
16 januari tot 7 maart 2011

AGI Nederland

Met ontwerper en museumdirecteur Willem Sandberg maakt Nederland sinds 1952 deel uit van de Alliance Graphique International. AGI is een vereniging van internationaal gerespecteerde grafisch ontwerpers – een selecte groep die kwaliteit, professionaliteit, collegialiteit en vriendschap hoog in het vaandel draagt. Lidmaatschap van AGI gaat op uitnodiging, voordracht en beoordeling op internationaal niveau. Lees meer over Alliance Graphique International

AGI-NL.nl biedt u informatie over de Nederlandse afdeling van AGI in de rubriek AGI affairs, de AGI-NL dagen in AGI agenda, essays, case studies en visies door en van de leden in AGI oog en columns, tips en boeken in Kijken en lezen.

Willem Sandberg: Open Eye, symbol for an avant-garde magazine, 1946.

De Nederlandse afdeling van de Alliance Graphique Internationale bestaat uit achtentwintig grafisch ontwerpers. AGI-NL wil op nationaal niveau meer bekendheid geven aan haar bestaan, erfgoed en visie. Dat doen we onder andere met presentaties en lezingen van leden op de jaarlijkse AGI-NL dag.

AGI-NL dagen zijn laagdrempelig, hoog-kwalitatief, gericht op collegialiteit, vriendschap en het delen van kennis en inspiratie met een nieuwe generatie ontwerpers en vakgenoten van zowel buiten als in de AGI zelf.

Naast presentaties van leden is er een open podium, waarbij dialoog, discussie en uitwisseling van visies de aanzet vormt tot wederzijdse inspiratie in de meest brede zin. De eerste AGI-NL dag vond in Theater Zeebelt te Den Haag AGI-NL.2010 op 1 oktober 2010 plaats.