Posters for UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Dutch House of Parliament
Binnenhof, Lange Poten 4, The Hague NL
15 november - 20 december 2018

17FOR17 is a project of 51 posters reminding us of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (Paris 2015) in a visual and remarkable way. Among them are for instance: zero hunger, no poverty, gender equality, quality education and climate change.

Chora Connection, a Non-Profit from Denmark, initiated the project in 2016 by inviting 17 well known Danish Designers, to each design a poster for one of the UN 17 goals. The public exhibition of the 17 posters proved to be huge success.

Based on this success Chora Connection asked the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) – the worldwide organization of the most talented graphic designers on the globe – to collaborate with this initiative. 17 designers respectively from France and The Netherlands were invited to do the same. The current result – 51 excellent poster designs – creatively point out the 17 global challenges to create a better world. The designers, each of them acknowledged as outstandingly talented in their profession, have all contributed to the collection out of goodwill.

The 51 posters are now in The Netherlands and will be exhibited from November 13th, 2018 until December 20th, 2018 in the Dutch House of Parliament.
A visit of the 17FOR17 exhibition also offers you the opportunity to see the Binnenhof in all its historical splendor before it will be closed down for an extensive renovation