AGI international // Carbone's Column

Ken Carbone's (founding Partner van Carbone Smolan Agency en AGI-USA lid in New York City) column in Fast Co. Design

I was so touch by the warmth between Speaker Boehner and Representative Pelosi the other day, that I just had to share this with you.

Holiday film fury is well underway in theaters near you along with the ad blitz, of course.

The current issue of Fast Company magazine celebrates their 2010 Masters of Design. The designers featured in the magazine this month are not only embracing change but perpetuating it through their remarkable contributions to design. Patricia Urquila, Bjarke Ingels, Walter Hood and Gadi Amit are honored, and rightly so. Take a look:

But before design happens, there's inspiration. Canon Cameras teamed up with Fast Company to ask a couple designers --including yours truly--to document what inspires them. For a few days, I traveled around town with a camera that does more than I could ever even imagine (the EOS 7D). Some images are up online, a couple more are included in the magazine's advertorial (pdf attached), and I'll be posting the rest to CSA's Limelight blog over the next few weeks.

See the Fast Company site here:

Some commentary on Eataly's new culinary shop and awe!

For those with a soft spot for the NYC skyline.